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Last night I also popped by cryx & thankyoukindly's place (I could/should probably list majic13 in that list, but he's still not moved in yet *prods lots*) and discovered cryx was reading a tutorial on the mystic art of reading the Tarot. And since it's something we're both into we got chatting about it, which meant as usual I probably overstayed my welcome - at least I stayed longer than I had planned. But it was a fun discussion and she looked at a couple of cards and their meanings and stuff and then did a reading for me.

I've not had much luck with readings lately - she did a reading for me on Sunday which might as well have been in Swahli cos it just didn't make sense. This one, however, gelled perfectly. The cards all interlinked. It just made sense. If I were being overly paranoid (which is usually the case admittedly), I'd almost say that the reading was one of those where the cards don't matter as the reader is just trying to pass on a specific message. Except that can't have been the case because she was using the tutorial and hence I could see that the meaning she was giving.

Anyway, the rough gist of the reading was that I'm cynical and that I should stop it, because if I don't, I won't be very happy in the future. If I do stop I shall be overbriming with joy etc. I guess it's one I will have to sit down and think long and hard about to try and overcome my cynicism.

I then did a reading for her, since I had offered on Sunday, but lacked cards and it was very dire and full of doom and gloom. Or at least that is how it seemed to me to be coming out. It was definitely one of those readings where you feel guilty about doing it cos you don't want to upset anyone. It didn't really help that I felt that the reading could easily be applicable to me, but thats just the paranoia poking it's nose in - only cryx really knows who it involves. Blah.

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