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Only 2 more days to go

Well I've only got 16 hours left sitting at this desk before I move to the new offices. It feels like I'm gonna start a new job and I guess I am actually since this isn't the job, company or location I originally started here with. All 3 elements have changed over the past 4 years.

Tomorrow will be spent packing and throwing stuff away. Mostly throwing things away I suspect as my desk is covered in old trade magazines and god knows what other crap. Today it is work as usual, but we are planning on playing Croquet at lunch time as it's something a lot of the team have never done before and it's one of the things this particular site is well known for.

One thing that has got me annoyed though, is that the canteen has started doing baked spuds for lunch on request. I could have done with this 9 months ago, as lunch time at work has been the hardest part about the diet. I suspect they've always been able to do them, but have never made it well known. Oh well. At least for the last 2 days I'll be pigging out on them.


I've just tried ordering a baked spud only to be told they haven't got any in yet. Bloody typical. I guess this means it's a new idea they've had then. The catering staff were surprised to hear we were relocating Monday.

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