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I've just done something I never thought I'd ever do - I cycled home from fat club. I've no idea how far the journey was, but thats the furthest I've ridden so far. Judging by my map of the local area - it has to be at least 1.5 miles. The great thing about all of this is.

  1. I stuck pretty much to the cycle lane. Only time I came off was when it got confusing at a roundabout where it appeared I was meant to go 'round it with the cars *boggle*.
  2. I'm not tired

It's the latter part that is the best bit. I think I could easily manage 2 or 3 times this distance if it's not very hilly. It's the hills that seem to kill me - either from going up them and being agony on the legs, or from going down them and crapping myself at how fast I'm going. Still, I think this proves that as long as the Thames cycle path is suitable for my journey plans then I should be able to make it as far as Windsor if not further.

Oh yeah - lost 2lb too.

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