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Wow - a life goal maybe?

I'm at home last night, tidying up - or at least making an effort towards tidying up - when I find a picture frame my parents gave me for xmas or birthday or something. It's a really nice frame, black with glow in the dark stars & moons and stuff, but currently it lacks a picture inside of it.

This got me thinking. Maybe one of my life goals (I should have a few I think) I could have is to find a picture to put in the frame. A picture of someone who means oodles to me. Not necessarily in a squishy way, but someone really important to me - kinda like my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

I could even get lots of picture frames for all my friends - or a really large one for a group shot. I think there was a mantlepiece where I could put stuff like that.

Of course now that I have this life goal, I'll now have to spend (potentially) many weeks trying to work out how to achieve it. And before any smartalexs pipe up - yes I know a camera is a good start.