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Oops. Put on 4.5lb this week. I know why - I had curry and all kinds of other bad things. What I don't really know why, is if I want to continue trying to lose weight. It's clear that I'm not dedicated enough to the plan, otherwise I'd feel bad about re-gaining nearly an entire stone. I think what I need is a goal. A proper goal. Not a weight target, cos thats just a number. A real actual reason for wanting to weigh X stone.

Originally I had this daft idea that being slim and slender would improve my chances of finding Miss Right. But then I realised that is silly. Being slim won't make single women appear out of the ether - it'll just make them less likely to run away in terror. So ultimately it's pointless worrying about that. If I'm going to worry about such things, I should be concentrating on meeting more women rather than altering myself.

But that leaves me without a reason still. If it wasn't for the fact that the idea of giving up just screams "WRONG" at me when I think it, I'd probably just not bother going. Maybe cycling to work will improve matters - I shall have to wait and see.


To improve your self confidence
To be able to wear any style of clothing you want, not just 'flattering' ones

To get a sense of achievement

To feel more like 'you' rather than 'you trapped in a _too large_ body'

To feel lighter and fitter

Nah. None of them really matter to me or are substantial enough. I think partly I'm just disillusioned by the particular class I'm going to as it's aimed solely at women. The consultant made the wide sweeping generalisation that we're all trying to lose weight for xmas so we can fit into a little black dress. Well I can't really see myself wearing a dress - little and black or otherwise. But that kind of goal sounds more substantial - even if not really me.


LOL! Well would it help if you had stockings and hih heeled shoes?


Er...no. I don't have the legs for it - far too hairy and shaving is NOT an option. :)

Your weight won't frighten people away, but the wrong attitude will. If you feel fat and unattractive people really do pick up on it... I think you look more and more fabulous. Your confidence levels are soaring, and you are beginning to believe you can change yourself, and therefore your own perspective of the world.

That is all you can change, but you need to believe you are attractive. Being thinner will make that easier.

You are not fat. You are an attractive man who is the perfect wieght if for a man a coupla inches taller! That's all :)

Smiles, and keep at it.

Well I wasn't being entirely serious about scaring them away, but I know you're right. But no matter what my attitude is, it doesn't matter if I'm not meeting available women. I know I could get someone given enough chances.

I don't know very many single girls, sorry :( What are we going to do to change this? Perhaps we could start a singles group *LOL*

That is essentially the problem. All my female friends know each other and hence me, so no chance of you introducing me to someone.

I've no idea how to change it - it's certainly not really up to you guys to do anything. It's up to me.

why not come and join us at the gym? its uber fun! :)

Dunno. I doubt I'd be committed enough to do it. And I doubt I'd get much done cos of all the cute eye candy about. :)