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This week seems to be a good week to get sleep. I remembered to set the alarm this time, but despite going to bed at the usual time, I was woken by the alarm at the right time and didn't feel like crap. So I managed to make it into work on time too.

Work has been it's usual self, although I have had to do a cost analysis for a totally hatstand project that is growing by the minute. I'm hoping we won't end up doing it, because it's far too much work and the powers that be will no doubt want to do it in a hurry.

I don't often do quizzes, but this one just appealed to my childish nature....

Which Animaniacs Character are You?

Did you ever think you were a little...off? Well, you are. You're silly and playful, often to point of wacky outbursts, and nonsensical rambling. You're the type who'd talk in an English accent just to be different. You like to be prepared, as well, even if the things you bring with you don't necessarily make sense. You're good at making stuff up on the spot, and tend to have to use the bathroom at lot.
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