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There is an awful lot of stuff that I never write down in this journal. Not because I don't want to, but because the thoughts that would make up the entries are formed whilst I'm not near a computer.

Take this morning for example. As I walked to the station, I thought about a lot of things. Mostly that in some ways I was glad I wasn't a woman because I'd have reached a scarey halfway point in my biological clock. I guess in some ways it's still scarey from a guy's perspective too. I'm a late developer when it comes to dating, I've yet to start properly. Admittedly I've had things would in the loosest of senses, are dates. But I could count them on one hand, if that hand had been in a horrible accident involving losing most of my fingers.

Even if I did start dating today, I'd be several years before we'd get down to having kids. I'd have to get married first and I'd wait at least a year or 2 before getting that serious. And then after that, I doubt we'd want to have kids straight away, so that'll be another year or 2. But I won't start today and even if I did - she's unlikely to be "the one". I'm going to be very very old before I have kids it seems.

Haven't done much recently. Attempted to cook sin-free chips for the first time and utterly fluffed it. Hopefully next time will go better. Watched a creepy program about lesbians (as mentioned by nemy). Lesbians aren't creepy, but the way they narrated one of the lives in the program was. There was a submissive lesbian who they constantly refered to in the past tense. Which given she was into pulling truckers whilst hitch hiking, S&M and general getting her kicks from doing dangerous/scarey stuff made us (cryx was there too) wonder if at the end of the program they were going to tell us she'd been murdered or something.

I've been working on a new design for Things I Love. It's looking very shiny. I'm redoing the graphics for it too.