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Only a few more days to go until my penultimate meeting with Pat and I think I should replicate last months progress by well...um...having done lots of good positive things. Except apart from organising my first ever successful social engagement, this past month has been pretty quiet.

So far my only idea is to think of some life goals. Once I've bought the house and had the final session with Pat, that should mean I'll not have any more. I guess there is the "learn to drive" plan, but so far it's clear that deep down in my subconcious I have no desire to ever complete this one.

Which leaves me at a blank. All of the goals I've been working on with Pat have really been Pat's ideas (although admittedly born out of stuff I've said) which doesn't really help me if the sessions stop. Maybe my first new life goal should be "Learn to think of things to do", but that is kind of self referential as I'd need to do it to work out how to do it - if you see what I mean.


I've no idea. Apart from writing some kind of killer computer program that everyone wants to use (unlikely as I won't code for Crapdoze), the only other lasting legacy I can think of is a sprogling. Which oddly enough I can't really see myself "making" any time soon - there's that whole lacking a long term partner thing getting in the way.

Erk? Decorating? Furniture? I just want some where to sleep and put all my DVDs? *grins*