maddy (themadone) wrote,

Can't be arsed to do lots of entries, so I do one big one and put in lj-cuts where appropriate.

Had a fairly uneventful weekend. Didn't get to any C/A games (although I wanted to). I shall have to slate my thirst for XP with a game this Sunday (or Saturday depending on when urizen's birthday isn't).

Discovered some more fun to be had with GTA3 - there are 2 cheats you can activate. One makes the normal folk who wander about start attacking each other randomly...the other gives the normal folk random weapons. Basically end up with the game turning into a warzone - people firing rocketlaunchers, uzis and god knows what else at each other. Amusingly the police don't take a blind bit of notice - I must pay attention to see if the local populace actually attack them or not. Annoyingly as soon as I try and defend myself, the police come down on me like a ton of bricks. It'd be nicer if the police weren't so biased against me.

I'm not sure how it starts, but the bit I remember involves someone (who could have been majic13 or Keanu Reeves) staggering down a country lane, pissed as a newt. It gets a bit confusing here, because next minute a whole heap of stuff has happened that I hadn't noticed. majic13/Keanu has been accosted by a highway man and so has this other young woman who was also staggering home the same way whilst drunk. I'm guessing there must have been a BIG party somewhere or something, except I don't recognise her.

Anyhow, we (myself and a bunch of random you-lots) are for no apparent reason, investigating this. We start off by following the trail of what must have happened, finding random stuff like an odd looking stick and then suddenly, it's like we've got back in time and we're walking down the lane with the drunk majic13 and the blonde woman.

This wasn't how it happened originally - before Steve & woman got robbed seperately and met up some time later. Somehow we'd altered the past and we were all together. The highway man (who looked awfully like Robert E. Grant) arrives, riding a horse and dressed like Dick Turpin. Sitting behind is a young child, dressed similiarly. They threaten us with guns for all our cash and stuff, which we start to hand over, except someone (I didn't see who) tries grabbing it back from the kid. The kid it seems has a fake arm (odd stick found earlier?). We leg it down the lane with our stuff and the highwayman starts shooting at us.

Luckily he's a crap shot and misses us and we soon arrive at a small country village - still being shot at. Various of us make a dive for doorways and other hiding places, but I'm the last to arrive and so I'm running really fast down the main street. I guess the road must have been muddy/slippery cos I can't stop though and have to ask someone to grab hold of me and stop me. cryx comes to the rescue and manages to catch hold of my hand and swings me around into a nearby doorway.

The shooting stops briefly, so we quickly regroup and decide to find somewhere safe to hide. thankyoukindly leads us into a local tea room (the kind that you'd find selling cream teas in deepest darkest devon) which at the time to me seems like a really daft place to hide as the highwayman could easily see us enter it. There are a couple of old(ish) ladies who start asking us questions about what all the commotion is. One of them is drinking water out of a glass like my mum has.

Annoyingly I wake up at this point - why can I never finish dreams!

Today at work has been boring so far. Things I Love however has kinda picked up - I've got a few more users and the first affiliate sale.

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