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Had a very disturbing dream - probably laden with hidden meanings last night. As I a result, I didn't sleep that well.

I arrive at school (or some place of learning), late for an exam. I don't know where the exam is, so I go to some kind of recreation room. There's a member of staff there but he's useless and more interested in helping me with other things. There are a couple of familiar faces sitting around revising (some of the Bob) and one of them (Adam Bob) heads off to an exam. I follow and he casually saunters into a class room and takes a seat. The invigilator is the (now ex) head of CompSci's network (called Mark ISTR) - he's looking really really pissed off. I check that the exam is the one I'm looking for - oddly it's an exam about the Sabbat.

He just glares at me and tell me to take a seat, so I do. There's a coat hanging on the side of the table nearest me, so I move it around the back of the table. He comes over in a rage and starts yelling at me for moving his coat and putting it in the bin. It turns out that there was a bin that side of the table.

He storms off and I settle down to do the exam, except there aren't any questions, or paper or in fact anything. I point this out to Mark who storms over and demands to know what I do have with me. Turns out all I've got is a pen. He slams something down on the table and leaves me to it. Upon examination, he's left me with some opened and used jiffy bags. Completely empty. I get the feeling that this is the exam, but I'm totally stumped as to what I'm meant to do.

At this point I wake up and surprisingly remember the dream.

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