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Had a very disturbing dream - probably laden with hidden meanings last night. As I a result, I didn't sleep that well.

I arrive at school (or some place of learning), late for an exam. I don't know where the exam is, so I go to some kind of recreation room. There's a member of staff there but he's useless and more interested in helping me with other things. There are a couple of familiar faces sitting around revising (some of the Bob) and one of them (Adam Bob) heads off to an exam. I follow and he casually saunters into a class room and takes a seat. The invigilator is the (now ex) head of CompSci's network (called Mark ISTR) - he's looking really really pissed off. I check that the exam is the one I'm looking for - oddly it's an exam about the Sabbat.

He just glares at me and tell me to take a seat, so I do. There's a coat hanging on the side of the table nearest me, so I move it around the back of the table. He comes over in a rage and starts yelling at me for moving his coat and putting it in the bin. It turns out that there was a bin that side of the table.

He storms off and I settle down to do the exam, except there aren't any questions, or paper or in fact anything. I point this out to Mark who storms over and demands to know what I do have with me. Turns out all I've got is a pen. He slams something down on the table and leaves me to it. Upon examination, he's left me with some opened and used jiffy bags. Completely empty. I get the feeling that this is the exam, but I'm totally stumped as to what I'm meant to do.

At this point I wake up and surprisingly remember the dream.



Vague stab at bits of it...

Let's see.

Schools usually represent learning something new
about yourself.

Exams indicate concerns over some future
achievement. Usually something you would
have expected to have done. The dream
usually indicates that you are now in a
state of mind to proceed.

The nature of the exam should give a clue
to as to the nature of the achievement.
I've no idea what Jiffy bags would represent
to you. :-) I guess it may be the fact
they are empty?

Clothes usually represent attitudes, our
face to the outside world. Putting the
coat in the bin could indicate that you
are removing old and no longer needed

People in dreams are purely symbolic. At a
guess Mark represents those that have
expectations based on a lack of knowledge
of the situation.

The Adam in your dream is confident and
prepared. (No one ever said dreams had to
make sense...).

The Sabbat is a new venue at Runnymede,
thus probably another representation of
something new.

Thus putting it all together.

You wish to change your persona. (Exams / School / Sabbat)
Possible more assertive (Adam)
However, you are concerned that you may anger
the uniformed (Mark)
These fears are groundless when investigated (Jiffy bags).

Do get the impression that I'm trying to
avoid working...

See ya,