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Thanks everyone for the support. The death hasn't really hit the family yet as in some ways nothing has really changed. The docs predicted my dad wouldn't last past xmas, so we've grown used to expecting this to happen I guess.

Not much has happened otherwise in my life. I got officially offered a place in the new regime at Maidenhead. A lovely shiney letter and job spec.

Have managed not to drown travelling to and from work in all this rain. Yucky stuff. Went to pub last night and met up with all you lovely people (well all of you who were there - obviously :). Keep bumping into ebq on the way to/from work (Well OK - just twice so far). She looks very nice in her suit - very much like Scully.

Off home to visit parent for food tonight then back home to get much needed sleep as I've not had much of that recently. Having one of those weeks it seems.

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