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Well I'm back from the holiday. Nothing overly exciting happened. Slept a lot. Ate a lot (unfortunately mostly unhealthy stuff). Did a bit of roleplaying and an awful lot of computer gaming. Found out my dad had died. Came home.


I've already seen you and I've already said I'm sorry. But dude, I'm so so sorry.


We're here if you need us

I am so sorry about your loss.

A lot of friends will be thinking of you.


zen hugs

I am so sorry to hear of your fathers death.

we are here if you need us.
sorry to hear that hon *hug* let me know if you want a hug or a chat.. :(

Deepest sympathies

I feel for you.
Sorry to hear the sad news. *hug*
BIG HUG! Here if you need me...
Hi Babe

We are all so sorry to hear your news. Myself, Tim and Paul all send our deepest sympathies. Call if you need anything. Please.