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Today I think is going to be one of those days. I barely managed to make it out of the flat on time - I foolishly forgot to set the alarm but luckily my bodyclock nudged me just in time. I'm now at work and I'm at that stage of "What am I meant to be doing and can I be arsed to find out?"

In a vague attempt to be useful I'm rewriting one of the webtodo CGIs in C cos then it'll be so much faster (it's in perl at the moment). So far it's looking VERY promising and since it's the CGI that gets used the most it'll stop all the lame users bitching about how slow it is.

Of course technically it's not work, despite the fact that we use it at work - it's definitely a personal project. I guess until someone notices and says something it'll beat staring blankly into space.