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Hair care 101

Today was another day where I didn't seem to do much. I did end up admitting I wasn't particularly busy to the other "senior" developer who, it turns out, thinks he's quite busy. He asked if I'd help out and compile something for him, which was a brief distraction.

Then went to fat club and found I'd put on again. Afterwards cooked spag bol for lots of people and we discussed (my) hair care. cryx has promised she'll trim my hair tomorrow which is going to be scarey given how much she's liable to take off.



sorry if you felt picked on but i didn`t feel close another to you to mention it so when cryx said stuff i had to join in

Not entirely sure what you're on about. I'm guessing it's the hair care bit? When did I say I was feeling picked on? I welcomed the tips.

we felt that you have felt that you were being picked on l;ast night but im glad you enjoyed the lesson on hair care. remember to get dry ends stuff!!!!
She did mine once and I didn't end up bald or earless so don't worry!
Yeah, and mine. Though admittedly that was with the buzzy strimmer thing, so I had a fuzz-cut. ^_^

I'm not worried I'll end up bald - I'm just nervous about having my hair cut. It's been at least 4 years since I last had it done.

Heh, I'm like that with my hair. I keep getting people telling me I need it trimmed.. and "It's the only way it will grow!".. yeah *mumble mumble*.. not if you keep bloody cutting it! Bah. :)

Oh no! You should get it cut. Tis fun.