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Not much has happened recently. I've joined BECTU - the trade union that Beeb folk tend to join in an effort to fight this relocation mess. Not heard anything more about it, excep that it looks like I will be getting a hefty raise to cope with my promotion and for increase in living expenses. Not entirely sure I'll get the latter as I'm not moving though.

Found out the train fare will cost more than it does currently. Oddly the monthly season ticket costs more than getting a return every day. Think I might still get the season ticket as I'm inherently lazy and can't picture myself queuing for a ticket every morning. I guess it depends on how early I have to get a train though.

Went to the Runnymede game. Had lots of fun, despite spending a lot of my time OOC whilst I travelled back and forth. It was fun (briefly) of poo, then being soaking wet and then no-one noticing me being slumped in the corner dead whilst my spirit went off floating about the place. Look forward to finding out just how things ended too.

Tomorrow will no doubt be the (semi) traditional pub lunch - hopefully people actually stick around and wait for people so it'll be fairly busy this week.

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