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Didn't go in to work yesterday, instead cryx took me clothes shopping. I was pleasantly surprised as to how fun and easy it was. It admittedly took most of the day, but at the end of it, we had everything we'd gone for. I was even more surprised to find just how small the stuff I need to wear is.

Went to SW in the evening and found I'd put on again - not much surprise given what I'd been eating the past week. Didn't feel like following the plan given work situation.

After that we went back to my place and I cooked spag bol, chatted watched Angel with nemy before she left and myself and nemy headed over to the House of Plot and did some more stuff about astrology.


Hey, how do you make ur spag bol?

I chop and then fry some onions. Then add in the Quorn mince and fry that for a bit. A few minutes later I add the Passata(sp? Italian pre-made tomato sauce stuff - Tesco's sell it) and some crushed garlic. And thats it. I leave it to cook for about 10 minutes (long enough to cook the spaghetti) and then serve.

Using FryLite instead of normal cooking oil makes the entire recipe low fat and vegetarian too.