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Have practically finished the snackiest feature on the Runnymede website, namely the dynamically updated access groups. The ground work is all there - the powers that be can create meta groups based on clan or location (for example) and the system will generate the corresponding access groups based on the data in the database. So (and this is the primary reason/example) if/when a character disappears off into the wilderness, they just mark that character as being inactive or whatever and automagically that character is unsubbed from all the IC mailing lists and can no longer access various chunks of the website.

All that is left to do is add in the various categories - there is strangely a large number of them across all the various venues - and the job will be complete.



And the status bit is mega-groovy too! :)
Well cute to be able to sort by the different bits - makes me almost sad I can't see the wonderful world of ST gribbly ness!
Thanks muchly!

Re: Snazzy

You'll get to see some of it from the other side eventually...just hold still whilst Bruce stakes Maggie and you'll see what I mean ;)

Re: Snazzy

raised eye brows and edges away* :)
I don't want to see behind the scene THAT MUCH!