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Another day of boredom. I'd have much rather been at work - then at least I could have pretended to have something to do.

I did however manage to lose 4.5lb taking me to exactly 2stone. Surprised the heck of me.


I do hope 2 stone is your weight loss, not your weight.. lol

Well done :)
i would be scared. emmie didn`t get to weigh in so i may do so tomorrow in egham with her. argh i get to find out how much i have put on...

Yup. Lost 2 stone. Only another 2 to go and I'll be a proper weight or something.

thats cool then just don`t try and put stuff on
You already are a proper weight.. and sooo much slimmer! One of these days when you have the time and inclination (and cash) we should go out and get you some new clothes. Cos your current clothes really are getting much too big for you!! :)

My tummy does seem to bulge in all the wrong ways...I suspect I need to do some of that scarey exercise stuff too. Probably a good time to rebuild that situp machine gadget I've got.

But definitely should go shopping - maybe after I've been paid on the 15th? You should go shopping too cos lots of your clothes are very baggy now as well. Maybe we could make a proper day of it or something?


aaah.. well i am too poor to shop for myself atm, and i really should weight till i'm at my target (which hopefully i'll reach within the next 2 months).

But yes, despite not shopping for me, i'd love to make a day of it. :) Sounds like a plan :)