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"Dear Chris, here is your Horoscope for June 03, 2002
You could be in a romantic mood right now, Chris. You might be thinking about your partner and dreaming about spending time with them. This is a good day to share some special moments with them. Maybe you should cook a special dinner complete with candlelight and an expensive wine. Or perhaps your partner would enjoy a romantic evening out on the town. Make some effort to put your partner on a pedestal today!

This horoscope reading pretty much sums things up for me at the moment. Am I spending my time with someone special? Of course not - that would require a miracle. Instead I'm spending yet another night alone. This has been the pattern for the entire weekend and bankholiday so far. The only high point has been the Runnymede game, but that got overrun by a side plot so I didn't really get to do much.

I can't see an end to this (almost) 30 year run of loneliness. My friends constantly try and reassure me that I'm not ugly or whatever, but their words are hollow and without basis. If they were true then surely I'd have had some luck by now?

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