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"Dear Chris, here is your Horoscope for June 03, 2002
You could be in a romantic mood right now, Chris. You might be thinking about your partner and dreaming about spending time with them. This is a good day to share some special moments with them. Maybe you should cook a special dinner complete with candlelight and an expensive wine. Or perhaps your partner would enjoy a romantic evening out on the town. Make some effort to put your partner on a pedestal today!

This horoscope reading pretty much sums things up for me at the moment. Am I spending my time with someone special? Of course not - that would require a miracle. Instead I'm spending yet another night alone. This has been the pattern for the entire weekend and bankholiday so far. The only high point has been the Runnymede game, but that got overrun by a side plot so I didn't really get to do much.

I can't see an end to this (almost) 30 year run of loneliness. My friends constantly try and reassure me that I'm not ugly or whatever, but their words are hollow and without basis. If they were true then surely I'd have had some luck by now?


babe its true what they say the harder you look the more you want the less chance you have finding it. One day someone will walk into your life & no your not ugly.
one day it will happen just maybe not any time soon..

hugs it will happen.

People have been saying that for the past 10 years. I don't really want to start dating when I'm 90! Now when I can actually enjoy myself would be better.

And see - there you go saying I'm not ugly. If I wasn't ugly, I'd have women interested in me. But I don't. So you can't possible be right.

Dude, i kinda know how you feel...only 26 like but sometimes i think that something should have happened...
guys something will happen..for feck sake. yes i know your down about it and you have been meeting new people through vampore (chris what about that lovely lady you was telling me about on train (oh yeah see ya on the train next week)!
so stuff does happen to you. you WILL meet someone i promise you.
and your not ugly. im too old for you remember...
and it is soo true how many of friends have go together with out looking. i know me and le did. I didn`t even know he liked me he was my safe male friend. ok so things are getting sour now but we had a good year together.
there is probably someone under your nose right now but is worried about what it would do to friendship etc.. (im not talking me here.)
but your so not ugly... Poke!

Just being friends won't magically make them be interested. All of my female friends are spoken for and not interested. Obviously I need more female friends, but given my poor social skills and geeky interests that isn't going to happen.

argh i hate it when your on a downer...
You will find someone and yes i know all of our female friends are taken. But you don`t know everything that goes on in peoples heads.

and your interests aren`t geeky (defending my self here and most of our friends)

I'm sure most of us would agree that my interests are geeky. They're typically male dominated and it's very rare that there are so many females around here that are interested in them.

ok so is there anything else you could do go meet new people.. maybe take us oldies with u

If I knew the answer to that, I wouldn't be sat in front of a computer for most of my waking life being bored out of my tiny mind :(.

ok so use the internet.. find places on the net to meet people yes i know people can lye but there are interesting and honest people out there..

times like this i wish i was more of a girly girl. i probably have female friends i could introduce you too. but i don`t coz most of my mates are men. all the females i know are in stale happy relationships. Bar me...
to be honest babe i give up. THere is someone there waiting for you i truely honestly believe that. There is a right person there...
and walks away coz too depressed myself to try and make you believe me.. and im sure we will have a big chat about this on the train on monday-friday next week!
I would try and comfort you, but you won't believe anything i say, and you'll argue against any suggestions i make.

I wish i could show you how things arn't the way you think they are, but i know you'll not believe me. :( To be honest i feel pretty useless. :(

Take heart and remember you've had some luck. Not as much as you'd like, granted. But more than some.. and whne there is a will there's a way. *hug*

It's not really your fault. It's just how my brain works. I need (some) evidence to prove this stuff to me. It's like if I said you had an irrestiably grabable butt, but refused to even look at it would you believe me either? Cos thats pretty much how it is at the moment. People keep telling me I'm nice/good looking/whatever and that someone will want to go out with me - but there is never anyone willing to put their money where their mouth is (ooer?).