maddy (themadone) wrote,

I've been looking at the similiar people finding gizmo on here and find the results very very odd. None of the people I feel a connection with (the people IRL I class as friends) show up in the top 150 list it generates. The people it does list, whilst sharing a fair number of interests with me, seem utterly strange and alien.

Does this mean that we've left out an interest that would tie us more together? More than likely it's the metric it uses to work out who we're most akin to. I have noticed that it's not reversable - nemy has sea_cucumber listed with a score of 13.310, but he doesn't feature at all on here list (yes, her the range of her scores do cover it). I'm guessing it takes into account how many interests you have in totally too or something.

This means that whilst the person at the top of my list (tinjuko) gets quite a high score on my list - I could get a completely different score on his. Probably a very low one. It's a shame you can't get the scores between 2 people out, or that the algorithm generated the same score either way around.

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