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I had a bit of a mixed weekend. Poker on Friday was fun...the Chinese snacks brought back by urizen and lucifermourning were less so. Not that I was brave enough to try the lobster and cheese flavour. I think the sight of nuuki running from the room making very unwell noises persuaded me that doing so was a Really Bad Idea(tm).

Saturday was spent doing very little. Watched some TV. Played a lot of Wurm. Didn't do any programming. I had the urge to do some programming, but I couldn't remember/find the code I wanted to work on. It wasn't helped by having dreams that I wanted to write some form of stock control software. I've no need for such a thing and

Sunday I bimbled lazily into London for it's Lost and Requiem games. Not much in the way of plot happened in Lost due to ST illness, so lots of social happened instead. And my character was a bazillion times more chatty than usual. Requiem was a little more active, but mostly spent finding out that the plot I'd spent far too many months working on was snipped from under me. Meh. If I had another concept in the side lines I'd be sorely tempted to retire my vamp cos he just doesn't seem to fit into anything. Or just stop playing. Annoyingly I thought this after I renewed my membership for another year.


do you have ideas about what approach you'd like to take, if you had the skills? i might be able to help you, either by having some skills myself or getting you connected to some people who do?

likewise, any joy with the project you got handed at the game?

Well OK, I don't know if it's mundane or not, but it's not shown any signs of being supernatural in nature. Mostly I just don't "get" it. I've no idea what it is they're trying to do. As far as I can tell, they're not actually following me, so my efforts to encounter them and shake them vigorously whilst screaming "What do you want!?!?" have been for nothing. I suppose the only avenue I have left, is seeing if the tracking device can some how identify them? So if you've got anyone who could help there that would be useful? I don't even know if they're the part of the same group that jumped you. Or at least it doesn't seem likely, but who knows?

New project was pretty much dead in the water the moment we examined the information we'd been given. Rather than a real world address, we've got an IP address which if we're really lucky, at best points to an area the size of a London Borough and at worst the UK. And I don't even think the IP address given was for the personal computer of the owner of the website, but was for the webserver hosting it. Either way, a dead end. So we're going to email them and invite them over for tea and biscuits or something.

the PC i know with the most IT knowledge is Dolly Mix. actually, trying to think what the required thing would be to track the maker of a device. some type of allies?

if we can work out exactly what skills are needed, then it would be more feasible to find the right person to help?

I did mention it to her in an unrelated email thread we were having and she intended on emailing Sally to investigate. But I've not heard anything back yet. She's also not been at a game in a while, so I'm not sure if she's just been unable to get to games or if she's stepping away.

As for skills to investigate it, well obviously investigation would be good - I've got some of that. Maybe a bit of science too which I've got some of as well? I've no relevant specialisations though. And whilst technically having 3 dots in a skill means I'd be quite good at stuff, it doesn't feel right trying to blag a sudden expertise in tracking devices just cos I've bought up science for my zoology.