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I realise as I'm walking through the Somerfield carpark that today, I'm feeling very chirpy. Not chirpy enough to break out into a rendition of "Oh what a beautiful morning" complete with dance routine and chorus girls - but definitely chirpy. I can't quite place my finger on why though? I've got a lousy cold, the weather looks like it will rain any second and moral at work is at an all time low. The only thing that springs to mind is that I've got oodles of really great friends - you're all wonderful (obviously this only applies if you are a friend and not some random reader - but that doesn't mean the random readers of this journal aren't wonderful - I just don't know if you are or not.)

My mood is then greatly increased when I succeed in beefing up the access system for the CamUK webserver to allow it to specify access by character as opposed to just player. Tis very nifty and will allow (at least on the Runnymede site to start with) the STs to set up IC areas/mailing lists/whatevers limited to specific types of characters (ie just Malks) which updates dynamically.

Not much happened at the weekend. Friday I stayed in (hardly any change there) and watched films and learnt to fly in GTA3 (bloody differcult it is). Saturday was more of the same and then the Wycombe C/A game where we ended up in D&D land and I (for no explictable reason) appeared to be a thief :). Sunday I packed some more stuff at my flat, went to the pub, did some food shopping (saved 25%) and moved some stuff from my flat. Then more film watching and the preliminary coding for the new access stuff. Stayed up very late watching a very silly Jean-Claude van Damme film.

The up and coming week doesn't have anything special planned. Hopefully I might get to see Star Wars 2. Saturday is the first Hatfield C/A game.