maddy (themadone) wrote,

Review: Traitor + APADM catchup

Having never heard of the movie, I only had the back cover of Traitor to go by. It's about a guy who is becomes mixed up with a terrorist group who are planning a major campaign on the US mainland. As you can probably guess from the title, things aren't what they seem and you're led along wondering if he's really infiltration them to take them down or if he's actually on their side and has gone rogue.

Whilst it's an enjoyable movie, much like Firewall, it's a by the numbers action thriller. There's nothing really new here, just a different take on an already existing idea. But if you like this sort of film you'd probably enjoy it.

It's also been far too long since I last updated, so here's the latest additions and their ratings.

Magnum Force7.0
Fred Claus5.6
Paul Blart - Mall Cop5.3
Being There8.9
Grifters, The7.0
Into The Blue5.7
That Kind of Girl5.2
Basic Instinct6.9
Valentine's Day5.7
Disaster Movie1.7
Rumour Has It6.6
Dear John6.9
Righteous Kill, The6.0
Love Happens5.5
Big Fat Important Movie4.4
Sunshine Cleaning7.0
Sex Drive6.7
Education, An7.4

Even taking account the epically enormous turd that is Disaster Movie (the worst movie got so far), the average rating has only dropped to 6.23 from 6.4. Being There has taken the top spot with 8.0 which probably helped arrest the slide into hell. Although I think I've got a long way to go - most films are over 5.0 and and over half are above the average rating.

So that's a run down of where things are so far.

Tags: apadm
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