maddy (themadone) wrote,

Sucker Punch

So I got to see Sucker Punch yesterday and I think the tagline "You will be unprepared" is totally apt. Because having seen the trailer, I was totally unprepared for the film that was actually shown.

The trailer gave the impression that it was about a girl whose (step) father sends her to a mental hospital and she has some kind of hallucinogenic episode in which she's fighting giant robot samurai, dragons and zombie nazis that some how tie in to how she's escaping in reality. Just the kind of film you can sit down, turn your brain off and enjoy the comic book violent action.

Instead the film tries to be a lot deeper than this. There's several layers of imaginary worlds involved and their relationship with each other and reality interwine like a big mess of string. It's tricky to work out whether the imaginary world is caused by events in reality or the other way around.

Do I think it's a good film? Well it's not the worst film I've ever seen. But I do think that if the film had been marketed better and a trailer that portrayed the film more accurately would have meant that people knew what they were getting and so weren't disappointed by the lack of high octane brainless mush they were lured in with.

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