maddy (themadone) wrote,

Review: Firewall

Firewall is one of those many films that follows the plot of; Protagonist's family/loved ones are kidnapped by bad guys and they're forced to perform some task or other only to end up turning the tables on the bad guys and saving their family/loved ones.

The acting is good enough though, Harrison Ford (the protagonist) plays an aging IT security expert well, although I have to admit to finding the IT side of things a little bit too much Hollywood-ised. The bad guys (lead by Paul Bettany) are suitably cruel and thuggish as they coerce Ford into robbing the bank that is protected by his security software.

But yeah, I think this is the kind of film that if you've not seen any of the dozen other films that are just like it, you'd probably find it enjoyable. But you can pretty much work out how the film is going to end once you work out the trope involved and that takes the sting out of it being a thriller. All that is left is the exact hows and whys and whilst the cast carry this off more than adequately, you're still left with a cookie cutter film.

Tags: apadm
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