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So far the week has been mostly uneventful - at least compared to the weekend. I built a submarine in Little Big Planet 2 for their latest contraption challenge. I added a way for people to RSVP to public IFIS events (pretty much the pub social on Thursday) using their google login. Wonder if it's worth putting it up on some free event listing type places or maybe some sci-fi fan sites?

The rest of the week doesn't look to be too thrilling either, aside from the aforementioned pub social and there being a Requiem game on Saturday. I might have to perk things up a bit with a trip to go see Sucker Punch or something.


Suckerpunch has had terrible reviews! Opinion seems to be divided on whether it's misogynistic action-porn, or a brave attempt to tackle women's rights issues. But I don't think many people are arguing that it's a successful piece of cinema, whatever its politics.

I was supposed to see it on Monday but Simon was ill, so I can only go by what the reviewers say, of course. I'm told it has a good soundtrack though.

I'm going purely cos it's action-porn. No idea whether it'll be misogynistic or not...but I doubt it'll be any worse than 300 was for exploiting half nekkid men for the titilation of appropriately interested masses.

You can certainly look at it that way if you ignore the entire context surrounding the issue of sexual exploitation, yes.

Action porn isn't that kind of porn - it's just the kind of stuff you get in action movies. Like in Sucker Punch (based on the trailer) they've got the protagonists fighting dragons and giant robot samurai and stuff. That's why I'm going to see it. The fact the protaginists are attractive women is just icing on the cake.