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So after a few months of hard hitting, no pulling of punches plot, the LA Confidential game is finally over.

My character was an unassuming newspaper streetvendor, who'd recently become astranged from his wife and daughter after he'd ran up significant gambling debts and become a plaything for the mob. Who'd then got rumbled by the FBI and forced to give them a copy of any messages passed in exchange for protection.

So things looked like they were starting fairly quietly for him, he'd gone to his local church to help with something or other; what exactly it was doesn't really matter as shortly after time-in, there was a loud scream from outside and the more competent characters (some of which were cops) raced outside to see what was happening. Turns out someone had been pushed/jumped off the roof and died. The police dealing with it work out it's my wife and tell me the bad news and mention that there was a note.

And thus began a rather lengthy and mostly fruitless search for my missing daughter, as she wasn't at the address I knew my wife to live at. And the cops were next to useless and any sign of a suicide note ended up being lost in a load of redtape. In the end, it was the mob that helped me find her with the assistant of the FBI. Along the way there was much drinking, a brief attempt to get into the movies via the medium of Shakespear (seriously; never ever let me read out Shakespear ever again - I will butcher it hideously) and much wailing and cursing the cops.

After the game there was a session of revealing what everyone really was playing and what they knew and what they'd done and how it'd affected everyone else. Crucially I found out why my character's wife had died and why the cops had been ineffectual in finding her killer or my daughter. I turns out that my wife had been sleeping with a mob and stealing money from him to get back at them for what they'd done to me. She'd been bringing me a wodge of cash the night she died, but had run afoul of a serial killer whose MO was killing women on roof tops or something. One of the investigating cops stole the money and the accompanying note that would have told me what my wife had done and that she was leaving and would send word on how to find her when it was safe. He'd used the cash to bury the case and so ultimately that explains why the cops were so crap.

Finding the information out like this does mean I don't really have much of an idea how I'd react in character. There's none of the rush of emotion that you'd get finding out things first hand etc... Maybe I'd have been too heart broken by the wife's infidelity to take her back. I strongly suspect I might have (tried to) punched the lights out of the cop and/or mobster if I'd known their part in my ruined life. All in all though, it was exactly what I'd asked for - a complete and utter screwing over by the STs.


Nah - the others were awesome and I dragged the average down.

I did feel bad in character that your wife's case got killed off, but Lt Sherman honestly thought it was a suicide until he found out what McLelland had done, and that wasn't until the start of the last game... bit late to make amends!

*grumbles* It's little wonder I prefered to trust the mob more than the law enforcement types ;)