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IFIS pub social was quite busy last night. I think the seating arrangement isn't quite social as it we could do with, but then I can remember back in the days of the Royal Ascot and we used to sit in the booth then too which had the same problem of people being "trapped" and thus not mingling as much. Hopefully next term we'll see more of the new committee showing up too.

I also remember having a dream last night. Quite an odd one in fact. It started with me being in someone's living room. In another room nearby was someone else. We'd just broken into whoevers' home this was with the intent of performing some kind of prank or something. And I, and possibly the other person, was drunk. The next thing I know, I'm waking up on the floor and there are a several not fully clothed people lounging in the various sofas/armchairs dotted around the room. The owner of the home was there and she started asking me what I was doing and I replied with some lame excuse of having no memory of the night before cos I'd been drunk. I think some other stuff was said, but things are a little hazy from that point. No idea what it means though.

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