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day 25 - someone who fascinates you and why.

I have to admit that I can't actually think of anyone. I'm clearly too much of a freaky weirdo sociopath to find anyone worthy of consideration.



Females in general intrigue me for all the standard male hetrosexual ways,

You know that things like this make you sound like an unpleasant, borderline sociopathic person, right? I'm pretty sure you're not, but...

If being interested in women makes me sociopathic, then I guess I must be? *confused*

No, saying the only reason you might find anyone fascinating is if you were interested in them sexually.

Well that's OK then, cos I never said that.

Not wishing to gang up, but it's good point...

Saying "Women intrigue me" is fine and good. But leave it at that!

Also, I'm not sure referring to women as "females" is all that great...it makes it sound like you are talking about animals. Female is fine as a description but not as a title.

Fine, whatever. There's an easy solution to this.