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A Pound a Day Movie project update

Wow, it seems like forever since I last posted about this. And that's backed up by the very large list of movies I've got since I last posted.

TitleIMDB Rating
My Blueberry Nights6.8
Leap Year6.1
Bunny And The Bull6.6
The Score6.8
Shaolin Soccer7.3
The Mask6.7
Son Of Rambow7.1
My Name Is Bruce6.5
I'm A Cyborg7.1

EDIT: So that now brings the running average score to 6.4, down from the previous 6.65. I blame that Danny Dyer film (Pimp).

I've also updated my online catalogue page so that it'll just list movies I've got with this project too.

I also watched Shaolin Soccer, so I suppose I should do a review.

I really enjoyed this, but I knew I would before I got it as it's another Stephen Chow film. He's the guy that did Kung Fu Hustle and this film is very much in the same style as that. The Kung Fu is ridiculously over the top and cartoon like. Stephen Chow's character is able to kick the ball at superhuman speed and in one game they play ends up kicking the opposing team into the goal along with the ball as they futilely try and stop it.

The plot boils down to a bunch of former Kung Fu masters who've all end up in dead end jobs discovering that they can use their Kung Fu powers on the football pitch to great effect. Since their ultimate goal is to show the world how useful Kung Fu is in every day life, they enter a tournment. Throw in a random love interest for and an evil corrupt football manager who will stop at nothing to ensure his team wins the tournment and you have a solid 2 hours (or so) of Kung Fu comedy.