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day 20 - how important you think education is.

I think that it's vitally important that everyone is given the chance to have the best education possible. I don't think what we have right now does that though. I think that classes are too big and that means that not every kid gets the chance to learn at their own pace. Some kids no doubt learn slower than others. They get left behind in classes and that's going to cause them to get frustrated and make it harder for them to learn. And they'll start playing up and being disruptive which'll have a negative impact on their education and their classmates too.

I can't see that this would get fixed any time soon - especially not with all the cuts being planned. It'd need lots more teachers and small classes. New teachers are always going to be hard to get too, cos certainly my memories of being at school is very off putting to the idea of being a teacher. Hopefully there will be some people who are more brave than I am.