maddy (themadone) wrote,

Awesome weekend so far

My weekend started a day early on Friday cos I took the day off so that I'd not have to rush like a blue-arsed tit to get to my plans in the evening. Instead of work, I went clothes shopping with E which whilst fun was again as disappointing as previous attempts as I seem to be some kind of mutant. I ignored the fact that jeans came in leg lengths only designed for giants and bought a pair anyway.

The problem this time came with shirts. Now I recognise that I'm not the most slender of beings, but typically I can get away with buying a shirt in a large. Not so this time. Even XL shirts were tight fitting around the torso/chest and given the sleave length was too long I figured going any larger would be a bad plan. E had better luck though and managed to score a nifty looking dress that I think could be best described as a similar style to combat trousers but in dress form.

The reason for this sudden surge in clothes shopping, was I was going clubbing on Friday night and thought I could do with a new outfit. We met up with lucifermourning, satyrica and midnightschilde in London and headed to his house to dump stuff and have a bite to eat.

Had fun dancing my socks off at the club, although it took a while for things to get going. The music in the main room wasn't too great - too much like white noise or guitar wanking. The other room was soft rock/metal so whilst great to listen to, there were only a few tracks I could dance to. And then the DJ in the main room changed and the music vastly improved. So I got to dance lots in the end.

Got back to satyrica's place pretty easily and then crashed out 'til late morning. Had some breakfast, slumped out on the sofa for a while chatting and then we left satyrica to head back in to town to go our seperate ways. I tried doing a bit of shopping in the TCR area, but loads of places are shut/missing. Like there's no Playin' Games any more. And the Virgin megastore is a building site.

Met up for dinner with lucifermourning. We found this charming little italian restaurant with awesome service on Goodge Street. It's called Mondello - check it out if you're in the area. The reason we were in the area was cos there was a Requiem game. It was pretty quiet, but lots of fun. The new ST is certainly shaping up quite nicely. It's a shame more people don't play either of the London games TBH.

Today has been pretty uneventful. I've watched some telly and slobbed around a lot. At some point I'll get started on catching up on the "30 days" posts I've missed out on doing. But first I think I'm going to have some more pancakes :)

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