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day 18 - your beliefs.

(was too busy enjoying myself last night to post day 17 on time, so this is why there's 2 of these today)

What do I believe in? Wow - pretty open ended question this one. I believe that it's pretty likely that there is life beyond our own little ball of rock. I believe in a thing called love. I believe that there exists things beyond our comprehension; like ghosts and spirits. I believe I have the patronage (if that's the right word?) of a goddess who is a cheeky minx and got me to pick her a name.

I believe that it's impossible to tell if something is telling the truth when it says it's an angel or maybe it's really a Vorlon. I believe that the power of belief can do stuff - if there's enough belief behind it.

I believe this is the end of this post ;)


Hi Chris, sorry to crash your journal but I'm getting back into Cam and need my MC log, is it still on the website? If so would you be able to pass on my log in details as I've totally forgotten them.

Hope all is well with you,

Paul Coughlan

Can't help I'm afraid - you don't have any prestige registered on the system. Sorry.

By the way, do you mean IoD-Cam or new-Cam when you say you're getting sucked back in? :)

I like to think of such things as beyond our *current* comprehension.

Yes, indeed :)