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Pretty uneventful weekend due to the snow. The LA Confidential game got cancelled cos a lot of players aren't local and were stuck in their respective parts of the world. Which along with the no-mortal game means a very low amount of roleplaying this month - just the poorly attended London game last week.

The snow hasn't really impacted me other than that. I treked out to Tescos to marvel at the lack of bread and get some thing to eat. The social gathering that replaced the Mortal game wasn't difficult to get to either, although some muppet on my road had decided that the best way to deal with snow is to pour easily freezable liquids all over it and turn it into a large patch of ice. But that it's only outside one house, so it's easily avoidable.

In fact things are running so great, I've even managed to get in to work :(

And I've been very slack and not built a snow-thing yet either.


I wouldn't say it was profound, but it was very noticable. And not at all unexpected. I knew that stupid people would have raced to Tescos at the earliest chance they got to bulk buy bread cos it'd started snowing. No idea why they think bulk buying bread is a good idea... I blame the Daily Fail.

I've no idea what we should do after the B movie LARP. I'm not sure I like your current suggestions much ;)

It's because you can freeze the bread, and hence have supplies of "fresh" things without having to go out again. Same goes for milk.

More reacently I think people buy more to make up for when everyone else has so that the shop has then run out...vicious circle.

It's still madness, I've never seen snow in my life bad enough to prevent me getting to a shop if I really needed to.