maddy (themadone) wrote,

Stuff happened...

So the past week was mostly pretty average, although I did become unwell around Wednesday and spent most of the evening/night curled up under a duvet. The reading group on Thursday seemed a little spare in numbers, but I put that down to no-one having read the book as it was the most tedious thing ever. The weekend was spent coughing up lung butter, watching TV and playing Minecraft.

The only significant event of note was the Halloween party I went to on Friday. There was Joss Whedon theme and originally I was going to go as Dr. Horrible, but for various reasons, events conspired against me so I had to come up with a last minute back up plan.

I suggest any and all people who have not seen the movie Serenity yet, but intend to, that they avoid reading the account of my costume as it is a total spoiler!

So yeah, I decided to go as Wash - the pilot from Firefly. He's not a very recognisable character unlike most of the others, so to give everyone a little helping hand, I decided to go with one of his "looks" from Serenity. His final scene in fact. Which involved me tying a pair of tinfoil covered cardboard tubes to the front and back of me to make it look like I'd been impaled on a big metal spike. I event coated the back one in fake blood to complete the effect.

Based on the reactions of people, I considered the costume to be a total success. There were a couple of people who'd never seen Serenity or weren't fans and thus didn't recognise it, but thought it looked good anyway. Most people did however recognise it though. And people varied from "Wow! Awesome!" to "You are the sickest person to have ever walked the Earth". I think on the whole, that traumatising folk is what I enjoyed most about the costume. I didn't enjoy the lack of being able to sit down tho; next time I'll find a character who does without something sticking out his back?

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