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Busy weekend. Stuff happened.

The film noir/LA Confidential LARP was lots of jolly good fun. Everyone was dressed up (even me) in various 40s style clothing. I was playing a newspaper vendor, so I wore a cloth cap amongst other things. I also got to hand out the IC newspaper before the game started resulting in me shouting various news vendor style phrases in an irritating(?) manner

I timed in a little late cos I had to get something to eat, so I'm not entirely sure what was going on in the scene I was in, but that didn't matter as not long after there was a loud girly scream from outside and a bunch of (police) characters rushed outside to find out what was going on. It turns out some woman none of us had heard of, had jumped off the roof of the church we were currently in. It wasn't that much later that the police characters had determined that the woman wasn't entirely random and was in fact my character's estranged wife. Cue much angst and anguish as one of my primary in-game goals got dashed into a squishy mess on the pavement.

The police then fell into two camps. One camp was very helpful and understand and tried to help me find the location of my missing daughter and to get a handle on the situation. The other camp were totally unsympathic to my plight and spent their time grilling me like a Tescos value sausage trying to get something worthwhile and juicy out of me. I believe the choice quote from the 2nd camp was "At least you'll get custody of your kid now". Eventually I was free to go though and find myself in a bar where some random guy who'd been around the church and knew what had happened bought be a bottle of [random booze], so I spent the rest of the game getting off my face and talking incoherantly about what had happened.

Not much really happened in mortals - it was mostly just chatting and catching up with what was going on. Hopefully Enid/midnightschilde will be back next game so there'll be some exciting tension, recrimination and yelling of "nerd!" to spice things up :)

I've also played a lot more minecraft. I finished my 2nd attempt at an underwater glass dome. It's so large, that if I don't light it properly, monsters can spawn inside of it. Which caused me to squeak in terror as a monster randomly came wandering out of it. I should probably do some mining and exploring now rather than playing silly buggers with somewhere to stay. I did sail about a bit which was quite awesome cos it was at night and it looked really pretty. Well apart from the monsters that get showing up on the shore line - unlike majic13 I'm a real man and play with monsters on ;)

I think my next project is to go explore the nearby cave system I've spotted. Cos that'll be good for a laugh as the monsters burst forth from the darkness and eat my face. Speaking of which, I did have that happen to me whilst I was testing out the multiplayer server. Cos I thought that monsters were turned off, but they weren't and I'd gone naively into a cave thinking I'd be safe. When the dozen or so zombies started walking out of the darkness I nearly died with shock, but had enough sense to run away and dig out the ground behind me so they couldn't get out.


The next game really depends on whether I go to the Scottish or not...

I should make it in December though! :)

For some reason I thought that the Scottish was this month. I hope you can make it, cos argueing with Enid is fun :)

No, this month I was out at the Wendy House which only runs on a third weekend, and visiting my family too.
I confess I've never grilled a tesco's value sausage - is it like you have to grill it to death before it's safe to eat?

I must confess, I have never grilled one either, but I imagine that they do need grilling it lots and lots and lots to make it safe for eating.