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So...stuff has happened. Mostly it's been the usual stuff.

I had a pretty good game of Requiem at the weekend, although I thought some of my roleplaying sucked a tad. But I guess it's not easy roleplaying a fear of something that isn't tangiable. It does show that the new London ST is going to continue on the recent trend of awesomeness.

I've also been mucking about on Minecraft a lot too. My latest thing I've done is build an underwater glass dome.

As you can see from the pics, I've totally screwed up the water I'd built it under. This is because the way I built it was to build a giant block of earth and then built the dome inside it. And this has meant that the water blocks that were there no longer exist and the fluid mechanics aren't clever enough to fill in the blanks properly.

I plan on building a *much* larger one further out to sea and this time building it piece by piece underwater so that the water doesn't get screwed up.



If you build your underwater stuff like I originally did, it's not actually that much more blue, cos there isn't any water above you...but yeah, I believe we're getting fish in the Halloween update. Which will be good. And also make building stuff a *lot* harder if they attack you. Cos once you've got a pocket of air underwater, it's very easy to expand it. You dig out a hole in the wall and place new blocks just outside it until the leak goes away. But if deadly fish start attacking you whilst you're trying to place the new blocks, it's going to be very annoying. It's bad enough when there's a skeleton swimming up above, cos their arrows aren't affected by water.

I've already started on that...problem is, you can only place water on the side of blocks, so I've still got plenty of gaps left. I think I might have to build a roof over the ocean and use that as an attachment point temporarily or something. Or just give up - my new, much larger glass dome will be built without this problem.

The idea I've heard is to build a dome-shape out of sand or gravel (since you can drop it and it sinks to the bottom without wrecking the surface), layer the glass over the top until it's watertight, and then excavate the gravel from underneath.

I might have done it that way if I'd known how the water was going to behave using earth. Meh - I live and learn. Maybe I'll start again since I want to do a much larger structure anyway :)

Better than my minecraft missions to destroy the world.