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I took off last week to burn through some of my seemingly large amount of holiday time left over and to also be available if folk needed any help during Freshers week.

Which pretty much started being the case on Monday as I got called up to help sort out the library which the SU had recently moved out of the SU in to a different building. One cupboard had been locked at the time and so became a lethal trap to anyone that opened it. Anyone in this case being our lovely librarian (please don't rip my arms off!). Some/all of the shelves had fallen down and books leapt out as soon as the doors opened. So I turned up, we finished emptying it off books, attempted to put back the shelves with how many doodahs (those things that hook in the side that prop the shelf up) we had available and then shoved the books back in as quickly as possible. This meant that most of the books got put in, in a totally random and useless orientation, but in my defense the cupboards are going to get moved again - hopefully for the last time for a few years - so the shelves were going to fall down and need resorting again anyway.

Then we went to sort out the other cupboard. No-one had been able to lock it last time, because the frame had been skewed. So it'd meant the SU had (it seemed) taken everything out first before moving it. When we went to try and lock it, we found the doors weren't moving - it has slidey doors rather than normal doors. I then spotted that the ends of the doors didn't have any kind of locking mechanism on them. Which soon expanded in to the realisation that there weren't actually any doors left. So we went to have words with the SU, who quite readily 'fessed up to having destroyed the doors during the move and were going to sort us out a new cupboard. Possibly/hopefully around about the same time as we move as we don't particular trust the people we'll be sharing the new location with.

Tuesday was uneventful as I totally failed to remember that I'd planned to go to the all you can eat rib night at the Spur. And was Wednesday was looking like more of the same until I got a spam phone call and the voice reminded me of the blood clinic person and I remembered I had a blood test to do. Thankfully made it there 15minutes before they closed and they managed to sort me out pretty quickly too.

Thursday and Friday was spent helping out at Freshers Fayre. I made the mistake of trying to catch the bus up to campus on Thursday, which got stuck in traffic due to the road works. But I got there in time to help E set up the stand. For the first time in years, the SU actually managed to get the Freshers Fayre to start on time. Although they seemed to be having security issues, cos random freshers kept wandering in during set up, only to be ushered out again when someone noticed them.

I ended up doing pretty much the whole of Thursday for IFIS cos my replacement for the 2nd slot hadn't realised that they were meant to be doing it. Which meant me leaving Re-enactment in the lurch, but they managed to find someone to cover for me. That pretty much killed my feet standing all day without a break. Friday was a lot better - I started off on Re-enactment, then covered for someone on IFIS for a bit and then had lunch. Having a proper sit down time for lunch meant I was in a lot better shape to continue in the afternoon, but I wasn't needed for very long and I ended up going home early.

Compared to previous years, I think a lot less people came through, but I think that was more due to the wet weather rather than poor advertising. That said though, we did get a bumper crop of people signing up to get spammed by us for the next few weeks. And most of them we could read their email address too. One thing I did find though, is that I didn't have any problems just bowling up to people and start chatting to them - I guess all these years of doing FF has really helped my confidence.

The weekend was pretty quiet too - good chance to re-charge my batteries and let my feet recover. Although I did pop up to Reading for their Requiem game. Their venue is not ideally suited to this time of year though, as it was very cold and most of the fun stuff tended to happen outside. But I got to have the conversation about plot that I'd gone for, so it wasn't a totally wasted trip. And more importantly, the Prince was a pyscho, there weren't any explosions or armies of "Bad guys" invading the court, so I managed to return home safe and sound with the same character sheet.