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Clearly there are forces at work to prevent me from going on my eagerly anticipated holiday next week...

Firstly, work decided to put me on-call the week I'm heading out. It's taken until now to get anyone on my team to cover for me. Secondly, my PS3 that I was taking has died - a stark warning if ever I saw one. And thirdly the results from my blood test yesterday are totally out of whack and I've got to have another test next week and it won't be stable by then, so I'll be back on the weekly blood tests.

I suppose on the plus side, things are meant to come in threes and even my rudimentary maths skills can tell I've reached that. Maybe it'll be all good now?

PS I want lots of sunny/good weather now too, please :)


can you arrange for blood tests to be done in Devon if it comes to it??

I honestly have no idea. I'm not sure I'd want some random vampires having a poke at me cos I'm very bad with needles and my veins are notoriously difficult to find too. I don't really want to end up passed out/throwing up cos they've been stabbing me like a pin cushion :(

mmm, yeah, that doesn't sound like fun :-(

Yeah, it's not. I'm sure as long as my blood has drastically thickened by next week I should be OK though *cross fingers*

No no no. You don't want good weather now, you want it next week when we're actually on holiday.