maddy (themadone) wrote,

Last night was quite a lot of a failure. I'd had friends over to watch Coraline and my PS3 refused to recognise that there was a disc in there. Tried other discs and had not much luck and it even started to make horrible "I'm chewing your discs" noises, although thankfully none were actually damaged.

So we switched to watching True Romance and I fired up my DVD player only to discover that the remote wasn't working. The batteries in it had gone a tad furry, so I figured they were (un)dead and binned them. New fresh batteries didn't seem to work either. Not sure if the remote is totally dead or the new batteries weren't that fresh. In the end we ended we watched it on my aging PS2.

After my guests had left, I tried Coraline again in the PS3. Still didn't work and when I took out the disc, some kind of spring came out with it. I suspect the drive is possibly falling apart. It did however recognise True Romance, so maybe it's just Blu-ray's it won't play. I'll probably open it up to see if there is a lot of physical damage or something before totally giving up on it. I suppose I could get it repaired again, but I think it's probably more sensible to just get a new PS3.

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