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Nothing much to report recently. It's all been business as usual. I have been playing a large amount of Dwarf Fortress again though. I had a really cool idea for a fortress design so had to attempt to build it. The entrance is a downwards ramp that ends up crossing over a chasm via a bridge. The chasm is dwarf-made and only a few levels deep and has a way back up to the top of the ramp. Also on the ramp are various traps and a trigger that automatically removes the bridge if any enemy show up. And if the enemy loiter around on the ramp, there's a series of pumps that'll flood the ramp with water, flushing the enemy down it towards the chasm...where in theory they'll go splat.

This has worked perfectly currently, although too perfectly in some ways as the goblins go and lurk elsewhere as the lack of bridge puts them off. Which seems to be the problem with most of my traps in fact. I put together a water pit, except it starts filling with water too quickly and the enemy run back out unscathed. But it's all good fun coming up with clever designs and seeing if they work etc...or how to tinker with them.


Definitely, but I've not yet found any magma yet and I don't have the resources to pump it up to the surface to the trap if/when I do find it.

What I was going to do was move the trigger a little way in so that the water starts pouring a little later. And probably adding in some sharp & spikey kind of traps so that if they run towards the bait, they get cut to shreds instead of drowning.

But magma traps are definitely the way forward when I eventually find it as not only does it kill the pesky goblins, but it burns up all the crap items they're carrying and leaves behind all the lovely metal items :)