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I had one of those odd dreams that I somehow managed to remember some of when I woke up. I think it could be best described as a cross between Warehouse 13 and Harry Potter...except not really. It just seems to involve weird artefacts and some kind of boarding school thing going on.

The bit I remember started with me larking around with other kids and then suddenly being aware that something was about to happen and that we should all run away. Oddly I refered to all the other kids as cousins when I told them to make their escape. It seems that what we were running from was being dragged away to some kind of formal dance thing - a bit like a prom I suppose and we were all bundled upon a coach and taken to some where else.

I was decidedly unhappy about this because I'd not had time to pack and didn't have anything nice to wear that was the dirty clothing I'd already had on. So someone...who could be best described as a female adult who was in charge of us and making sure we were happy...took some magic chalk and inscribed the number 19 on a random door. This apparently made the door then lead to an old hotel room I'd once had in a state where it was exactly like I was still in there. Thus meaning I had some nice clean clothes in it.

Meanwhile the head teacher of the place we had visited had an evil genie under her power and she made it take control over the teacher that had helped me so she could gain access to the artefacts we had. And somehow the chalk thing hadn't quite worked as expected because the hotel staff came in, thinking the room wasn't occupied and got all pissed off with me. And it all got very confusing and we were meant to be only visiting for the evening, but somehow we ended up staying for days and days. Which meant the hotel staff got really annoyed cos I wasn't really a guest, but I was using their room. And there was lots of hiding in the woods. And I seemed to notice that there was something odd about the teacher, but didn't know what or try and to fix things. And more important than anything, there wasn't any actual dancing. Or girls to dance with.

Dreams can be far too confusing at times :(

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