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The weekend of LARP

By now everyone should be able to work out that since that was the 3rd weekend of the month just gone past, that I spent a lot of it dressing up and pretending to be other people in the various local LARP games that we run.

Saturday was the Party/Torture/Amber game. This session wasn't as good as the previous 2, but I'm not sure if that was cos it was sort of a filler to get us up to speed for the final one or not? Do any of you lot have a LARP-safe axe I can borrow for the next one by the way?

Sunday was the mortal game which was meant to have several visitors, but none of them showed up. Which in some ways was good as it meant that we focused on the main plot and got to finally see the Artifact that has been the cause of our many woes over the past few months. The Artifact was awesome and much kudos to eggwhite for slaving away over a hot...er...blowy thing to make it. There's pictures and a "How I Made It" over on his new blog

I also had Monday off and decided to spend it in the cinema catching upon the various movies that I'd not had time to go see yet. In the end I watched Clash of the Titans which was unfortunately a fairly typical Hollywood blockbuster action movie with lots of CGI and fight scenes and very little else. But I'd kind of expected it to be like that so I wasn't disappointed. I suspect that if it had been an original movie, it might have been better received, but they ignored so much of the actual plot that it just didn't live up to it's name. It should have been an epic clash of godly/titan proportions, but wasn't.

Then I saw Kick-Ass which did live up to it's name. It was fantastic and I definitely want to read the comics. The acting was spot on and it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun making the movie. There was gore, swearing and people being sliced up and that was just by a little girl. Anyway, I think by far it was the best movie out of the 3 I saw and I really recommend everyone go see it.

The final film in my line up was Alice in Wonderland. Unlike what I think a lot of people had thought based on the name, this isn't a remake of the original story, but set far later when Alice is an adult and the original stories are lost in her childhood. Which results in a large chunk of the plot revolving around Alice rediscovering herself since she'd relegated her previous Wonderland trip as really bad childhood dream.

The film didn't disappoint as being a Burton film. It was suitably darker and more mature than all the twee Alice type films. Depp pulled off the Mad Hatter perfectly and was totally batshit crazy, flipping between personalities and practically frothing at the mouth. I think though that out of the 3 films I saw, that it did fall slightly in to second place behind Kick-Ass though.


So far, Kick Ass is this year's Zombieland. :o)