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I give in. As you may have noticed, I've replaced the 10year old picture of me from when I was a young fresher starting out at Uni with a more recent picture. We shall see if it has the same pulling power as the old one.


Finally a photo that sort of looks like you...
And also vaguely reminiscent of Guy Pearce, for some reason I can't quite tell. Not that that's a bad thing, mind.

No idea who he is. iMDB throws up one match and he looks nothing like me. I guess this is like saying I look like Etrius isn't it?

He's that guy from Memento, or LA Confidential, or a bunch of other films. I dunno, it's something around the mouth and cheekbones I think. Or maybe I just got hit in the head without noticing. 'Tis a good picture, anyway. ^_^

The old one looked like me - me when I was a bit younger and women paid an interest in me on just the basis of a cute photo.

Cute piccy, Chris dear. Though with the mischievous look on your face, I dread to imagine what you were thinking about when it was taken!

Well the person taking the picture was cryx looking absolutely gorgeous in her clubbing gear. But I wasn't thinking anything in particular.