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So for the past 4 or so days, I've been attending Odyssey 2010 (aka Easter Con) and it was pretty awesome.

This being my first Easter Con, I wasn't at all sure what to expect. However, I did have an idea just how busy it would be based on the couple of ICCs I went to - I don't know how many people were there, but it was definitely "many".

I attended a fair number of panels over the weekend which ranged on all manner of topics, such as cataloguing libraries, converting anime to live action, religion, watchmen and all manner of other interesting things. There was one panel that was streamed live on the net too as a experiment in such things with loads of people tweeting it and stuff and my tweet joking that one of the things we'd take from the panel was sore thumbs got read out. I didn't manage to catch many of the workshops; the robot building one seemed to be more aimed at kids, but I did attend one on rope bondage which I think I've managed to retain enough from that it might come in useful one day.

I didn't stay at the venue because I booked things too late, so I stayed down the road at the cheapest/nearest place I could find. Which made a lot of sense since I wasn't expecting to hardly spend any time in the room. But in the long term sucked. As previous experience has taught me, it really makes it hard to just pop back when you need to drop something off. This is definitely something I'll not do next time.

Met a whole slew of really cool and interesting people and yet again feel like I'm not really a fan; that I'm just a fake trying to pretend I know anything about SFF. I've managed to pick up a couple more people to follow on twitter and got a few back in return...plus a whole load of spambots which I'll need to weed out. I also met and even chatted to famous people and I don't think I squealed like a fanboy too much.

I think in short that as I said before the whole thing was awesome and I'm definitely going back again in the future. Possibly not the next one as that's in Birmingham and I doubt I can get time off from Easter parental duties every year, but 2012 is apparently back at Heathrow again, so I'll definitely be up for that.

Now of course I'm totally knackered from lack of sleep and eating crap food. Time to kick back and relax in front of the telly with er...more crap food. Will order takeaway shortly :)



What has rope bondage to do with SciFi?

You are pretty close with that reason actually. It's because the con is *for* SFF fans, not just about SFF, so they include stuff on the program that are of interest to them. So there 4 (out of 200+) items on BDSM. There were also events on knitting, fighting with medievil weaponary (the SCA were there), cooking, building robots and god knows what else (I can't be arsed to scan through the program). But overall the vast majority of the events were about SFF.

I only went to the rope bondage one cos there was nothing else on at the time and I figured it would be interesting. And it was. Plus I also learnt that the traffic light system has an level designed for when nuuki is appropriately touching people of "Red Red Red!". I'll try and remember to bring along the BDSM safety sheet I got along to the next game :)

ooh cataloging :)

I know, it was very interesting! There was one panelist whose book collection has grown so big, that her and her husband have had to build a new house that is especially designed to accomodate it :O

Sounds like I've not been doing anything wrong either with my own collection which is pleasing :)

You could come too! There was a panel discussing what people thought about the Watchman movie for example, which you might have been interested in.

I don't think many of us are planning on going next year as it's Birmingham, but the year after is back at Heathrow again so I imagine quite a few of us will be up for it.