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That was a moderately successful weekend. I launched the new cam^wIoD site and so far apart from some truely stupid bugs, it seems to be working OK. London Vamp game was pretty good, although it did highlight the need for the ST to get an assistant or several so that stuff doesn't snarl up whilst waiting for him.

Re-enactment AGM went OK too in that it happened, we were quorate and all the positions were filled. But not OK in the sense that we had to elect people as a temporary measure cos some of the candidates didn't make it.

I also appear to have come down with some kind of manky throat/nose thing too :(


Um...I guess the NC suave_steve?

Technically the hosting company owns the new domain and will no doubt charge us a small fortune to make it belong to IoD.

Whether or not we use the old domain for pr0n is surely up to nuuki since he owns it. Plus, I dread to think where he'll be getting the pr0n from.

Technicalities of how things get done... Chris G paid the company to register the domain for our use...

Well no, they registered it for their use which currently is letting us use it. They could at any point take the domain and do something else with it and we'd not have a leg to stand on.

I had it right there on my domain registering site of choice ready to go, but I thought it might make me unpopular ;)
So if the hosting company goes bust, we loose the name because it isn't registered directly yes? (just figuring it out).

Correct. All the information about who owns the domain can be found on somewhere like whois.domaintools.com for example. If they went bust we'd have to wait for the domain to expire and then see if we could buy it again from some other reseller without it getting snapped up by a pr0n site or squatter like the other variants did.

All is not lost, ilovedarkness.me is still available ;)