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Picocon 3^3

So as some of you might be aware, this past weekend was spent (at least on Saturday) with me attending the ever awesome Picocon. Which is Imperial College Sci-Fi soc's annual convention. The trip in went smoothly but wetly (stupid rain!) and we all got signed in relatively easily. By the looks of it, we all mostly failed to think of answers for the Family Fortune round of the quiz - I think that was mostly due to them being not very varied questions this year.

The selection of guest speakers was pretty good. I already liked Alastair Reynolds stuff, but I think I'd quite like to try out Jaine Fenn's and possibly Amanda Hemingway's (maybe?). The panel this year was a lot better run and also featured 2 extra authors who happened to be visiting - Pat Cadigan and someone else who I recognised, but can't remember the name of. It didn't come close to erupting into a fist fight either.

The Turkey readings (or rather entertainments) was pretty awesome. Yet again they had a rare and hard to find book that we really should get just to inflict on people. The demonstration of Newton's 3rd law went awesomely, because this year we put forward our own champion. He took out his opponent moderately easily who had to retire due to a nasty looking cut and then also took out the second too. And probably would have gone on to win the whole thing outright, but it sounds like the winner of the other semi-final had also suffered a nasty cut. At some point I'll finish tidying up the videos I made and post them somewhere useful.

The only bad bits about the day, was the weather and the post-con food. We went to this "cheap" cafe place near South Ken tube station. The food was dire. The pizza I had I think had been cooked in the microwave and was barely warm by the time I got it. And looked much like someone had taken a magharita and as an after thought had added a tiny amount of extra toppings. But overall the day was awesomely good fun and it's a shame so many of the new members couldn't make it.