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Call me crazy, but I think I want to make another attempt at learning Klingon again. Not for any useful reason I suppose, although I could translate the IFIS (QeDvaD watlhbe' yejHaD) site or something. And if I did that, I suppose I should look at doing translations for other "suitable" languages too...


Other suitable languages:

Middle-earth Elvish

actually you may be interested in the exchange on this post about conlanguages on Get Medieval which leads to this List of 500 invented languages specifically the last bit of Other Languages created not as human languages as such

(I now want the book!)

Yeah, Middle-earth Elvish (aka Sindarin) was the other one I was thinking of. Somehow I don't think I'll be tempted to go as far as doing 500+ languages tho :)

That's an awesome idea :D:D

It is and you've still not logged in to fiddle with your profile ;)

Ok... can you tell me what my username is and reset my password? Can't log in! :D

So, what do we put on a profile anyway?

You don't have a username yet, so you have to use your email address. The GWB one. Unless you have a different these days?

Do I have to register then? :)

Sort of...when you log in for the first time, it asks you to pick a username. Cos obviously when we add accounts it's for new members who we want to be on the list, but who won't have (or know to) signed up on the website.

Also, as you got added retroactively, you didn't get sent a password - we didn't want to spam everyone when we added them. But I've just reset your password for you, so you should have an email telling you what it is.

I'm now in and poking stuff :)
Ok... I did stuff! :P

Yay! :)

Feel free to do more stuff if you want. Like buying stuff via the Amazon links, unless you're already doing so via someone else's affiliate links. I imagine it's been too long ago that you read anything out of the library for you to write reviews and stuff? (that's the main thing I think we need atm)