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Glorious mud

The weekend was quite random compared to usual. For a start, on Saturday we had what could be best described as Live Action Real Life game. Basically myself and the other players of the local Mortals LARP game decided to tromp around some of the places we've been visiting in character. Now the setting our characters are used to is one of modern horror compared to Real Life, but someone didn't get the memo and our little trip seemed to be a little too similar to the game world than we liked.

It all went down hill the moment we arrived at the start of the walk and found signs advertising that "Smartwater" protected the nearby war memorial. Then there were other things like the pair of wellies abandoned quite far into a large puddle of mud that were barely visible. The tiny signs nailed to the trees that told us to "RUN" and the one such tree that also had a pair of glasses dangling from the branches. Or the tree stump (minus animal remains) where we'd encountered one IC.

Thankfully we eventually managed to arrive at the tea room which thankfully was perfectly normal and bore a surprising resemblance to the setup eggwhite and urizen had provided for the game version. Except for the lack of ghostly voices, fog and secret cellar. Then we went to the nearby instance of Battersea Dogs home and looked for pets for midnightschilde (apparently we're due to visit it at the next game). The otherworldness returned at this point with a very bizzare and sinister notice telling us that whilst there were some cats on display, some weren't available and they couldn't tell us why o_O

Sunday was a lot more sedate and less muddy and my mum came and visited and took for me a very belated *cough*birthday*cough* lunch and gave me some loot too. Then I spent most of the afternoon coding and watching TV.


I don't think anyone except you has mentioned that part of the tale yet. But everyone has to draw a 1 at some point