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Recently I've been reading the first of the True Blood books, "Dead After Dark".

I enjoyed it, but having watched the TV series, it did feel kind of lacking. The one major difference between the two, is that the book is more of a personal account of what is going on in Sookie's life. Which means that all of the stuff that fleshes out the other characters in the series is missing. And ultimately it makes them feel very 2 dimensional.

The barstaff might as well be furniture as besides doing their job and occassionally reacting to Sookie's relationship to Bill, they don't do anything. There's no build up to Sam being a shapeshifter, it just skips to him staying with Sookie to protect her. Which he does off his own back rather than at Bill's request as Bill gets another vampire in to take his place whilst he's away.

And whilst it's vaguely because of Eric's interest in Sookie that Bill is away, the whole Longshadow staking incident is de-fanged as it's Eric that does the deed and besides getting an apology, Bill doesn't really have any repercussions or problems from that scene.

I guess it would have been interesting to see how I found the book if I'd not seen the TV show. I'm sure I might have enjoyed it more maybe? Who knows. There are a load of others in the series to read, so since it'll be a while before the next season starts, I'm sure I'll be able to read one of them without being tainted.